Frequently asked questions

What is Organic?

Organic is a regulated term established by the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organics program. Consistent guidelines are followed according to soil composition. Organic is a government regulated term. There is a comprehensive list of chemicals, then, that cannot be used for those items certified Organic.

What is wildcrafting?

Wildcrafting is gathering plants and herbs from the wild forest. Herbs are never sprayed. We travel deep into the forest and we evaluate the integrity of the plant. You can use, potentially, all sorts of parts from the plant. In fact, each particular plant has its own preferred part harvest. It could be berries, or leaves, the bark or roots.

What is tallow?

Tallow is carefully purified animal oil. It comes from grazing animals with unique digestive systems, which are called ruminants. Hence, ruminants include grazing animals like cows, bison, or sheep. We purify 100% grass-fed beef tallow for our products. Purification involves low and long applied heat. The process is called “rendering.” As a result, we reduce the tallow through repeated and thorough filtering. In its warm, liquid form it is a bright gold oil. Finally, when it hardens at room temperature, the color changes from gold to soft cream.

What is the consistency of Miriam's products?

To ensure we create the purest, most smooth product, we filter the rendered tallow repeatedly throughout our blending process. Tallow’s structural composition between saturated fats and mono- and polyunsaturated fats is about 55:45, making it solid at room temperature. Miriam’s herbal-tallow infusions offer a unique product. Volatile oils from beneficial herbs like comfrey, calendula, and yarrow are transferred during the steeping process so that the tallow is extra soft and smooth. For smooth application, keep the product at room temperature.

Are Miriam's products greasy? Should I use it if I have oily skin?

Tallow’s balance of fatty acids make Miriam’s an excellent solution for oily skin without causing the skin to look greasy. Oil production on the skin surface is a natural bodily process evolution intended for protection. Moreover, hyper-oil production is often caused by increased efforts to strip it away; the body responds to increased need perceived by its function.

Where does Miriam's source its tallow?

We source our raw product from Oxbow Cattle Company from Missoula Montana, with the list growing! We are extremely selective when it comes to with whom we work. We believe in humane treatment of animals. We know that humane treatment of livestock includes allowing they live a life outdoors, participating in their natural behaviors. We work only with ranches whose practices align with organic standards, as well as “beyond organic” practices where animals are handled low-stress and additional measures are taken to restore grassland ecosystems through regenerative agricultural practices.

Where do your source your added herbs and oils?

We carefully select and add therapeutic-grade essential oils to our products. We only select cold-pressed oils. We never purchase oils or additives that are chemically extracted. Further, we select the highest quality and purest essential oils available in the industry. This is because we understand that the difference matters for true skin health and safety. Essential oils are steam-distilled. And, they are not adulterated, synthesized or distilled using chemicals or high temperatures. We select essential oils based on their specific beneficial properties to promote skin health. Our herbs are sourced organic or organically grown. We are working towards sourcing 100% of our herbs from Montana farms.

How should I use my Miriam's?

Tallow is safe and great for use on any part of the body – face, neck, hands, elbows, knees, lips, or the list goes on. Use Miriam’s routinely, use it as a spot treatment or for needed moisturizing. The large majority of customers we serve use their Miriam’s as a facial treatment, for both AM and PM use. Customers also report using their product regularly as a spot treatment for needed remedy or relief. Our customers report using their Miriam’s for the items listed below: Excellent for all skin types Daily Moisturizer Dryness or roughness Chapped skin or lips Flaky, and sensitive skin Sun-damaged skin Weak, thinning skin Acne/rosacea/blemishes Scars, wrinkles or stretch marks Psoriasis/eczema Diaper rash Athlete’s Foot